Merapi Summit Hike Trekking – Selo Village

» Posted on Aug 15, 2012 | 0 comments

Mount Merapi (Gunung Merapi, 2911m) is a volcano in Central Java, looming over the cities of Yogyakarta and Solo (Surakarta).

Literally “Mountain of Fire”, Mount Merapi is the most active volcano in all Indonesia — no mean feat — and it has erupted 68 times since 1548 and was largely responsible for the downfall of the Hindu Mataram kingdom and the desertion of the huge temple complex at nearby Prambanan. A massive eruption in 2006 covered much of Java in ash.

The trekking will begin at midnight, and will take approximately 4 hours to reach the summit. Enjoy the sunrise from Merapi summit with breathtaking scenery.

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