Merapi Volcano – Kinahrejo and Kaliadem

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Some of the scientists said that it was probably the Mount Merapi eruption that made the Ancient Mataram Kingdom moved into East Java on the 10th century. When it erupted, hot clouds of 800-1000 degrees Centigrade would slide down at speeds up to 70 km / hr. In 1930, the hot clouds from Mount Merapi’s eruption destroyed forests, 13 villages, and 1400 people in an instant.

The last eruption was in 2006 when millions cubic of volcanic materials spilled out to Gendol River and Krasak River. Few of them flowed in Kaliadem and the leaving trace of them still can be seen until now. Kaliadem was a pine forest, but now it is full of sands, rocks, and other volcanic materials. There’s a building that used to be a food stall on the east side of Kaliadem, but it is half building buried by volcanic materials now. On the west side, there’s a protection bunker that is ironically covered by 3 meters thick volcanic materials. The 2006 eruption also killed 2 people who were trying to hide in the protection bunker. It needed weeks for the materials to get cold so that people can come to Kaliadem again.

But like the other natural powers, the Mount Merapi eruption also has positive sides. The volcanic dusts created a fertile land and field around the mountain. Million cubic of sands created jobs for sand miners from surrounding villages. Now after 4 years, Kaliadem starts being green and cold again. The pine trees start to grow and Kaliadem back to be a place where people can look at the beauty of Mount Merapi and also be witnesses of the both sides of a natural power.

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